Ребризер rEvo - 6 часов дайвинга без замены порошка

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  • revo rebreather
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  • revo rebreather

В средней 1 заправки порошком в rEvo хватает на 4 часа, но вот наткнулся на статью одного финского инструктора, который отнырял 355 минут без замены порошка. После чего в первой канистре осталось 45 мин. Фантастика... Нюанс - все погружения были с использованием буксировщика, т.к. минимум работы под водой и соответсвенное минимум выделения CO2.

Meet rMS, What does it do?

The rMS is really unbelievable, it is not a temp stick or anything like a temp stick. It is real time calculation on the performance of the scrubbers. It gives you a prediction on the longevity of both scrubbers. The display states how many minutes that remain before you need to cycle the scrubbers (repack the top scrubber and place it in the bottom scrubber housing and move the bottom scrubber to the top housing) and how many minutes remain before you need to repack them both.

The calculation is based on data and several other factors.

Your breathing rate. The harder you breathe the more carbon dioxide you produce. The more carbon dioxide that you produce the faster the scrubber is expired. This information is collected as the position within the scrubber that the reaction is taking place is moving faster.

Your depth. The deeper that you are the more dense the gas is, the greater density of the gas means that the absorbent material is used a higher rate.

The water temperature. Water temperature has an effect on scrubber duration. In simple terms the colder the water the quicker the absorbent is exhausted.

It is personalised as well. One person can produce a higher amount of carbon dioxide than another and as a general rule men produce more than women. Also larger people produce more than slight people. The rMS takes this into consideration. You programme into the unit your gender and your weight and it uses those parameters for the prediction.

What this all means to me is that I know how long I have remaining on my scrubbers at any time during the dive and that information is displayed in hours and minutes. There’s no longer any guesswork.

Practical example from few days ago: 1st dive with new scrubbers at Plura cave max 40m 65minutes, Montola mine week later: 2nd dive max 28m 65minutes, 3rd dive max 28m 70 minutes, next day: 4th dive max 48m 75min, 5th dive max 48m 80minutes. 355minutes of diving with same scrubbers and still had 45minutes left on FIRST scrubber and second was as back up like it should be.

Источник: https://www.facebook.com/1658745261100720/photos/a.1662314777410435.1073...